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Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General

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“Post: States Sue Trump Administration for Failing to Enforce Smog Rules”

As published by The New York Post, December 8, 2017. Fourteen states and the District of Columbia announced Thursday that they are suing the Trump administration over what they say is a failure to enforce smog standards. The US Environmental Protection Agency has not designated any areas of the country as having unhealthy air, missing […]

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“WKTV: NY Attorney General Offers Guidance For Victims of Workplace Sexual Harassment”

As published by WKTV, on December 6, 2017. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has released guidelines regarding sexual harassment in the workplace in order to inform New Yorkers of their rights, and to help them if they’ve become a victim. According to Schneiderman, sexual harassment is discrimination that involves unwelcome conduct that’s used as […]