Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General

“Attorney General Eric Schneiderman: 100 Days of Fighting President Trump’s Radical Agenda”

May 2, 2017

By Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Today, as President Trump marks his 100th day in office, I want to update you on what my office has been doing to hold President Trump accountable and protect New Yorkers by standing up to defend our environment, our economy, and our constitutional rights.

As New York’s chief law enforcement officer, I am your lawyer. It’s my job to ensure that everyone plays by the same set of rules, no matter how rich or powerful. It’s also my job to stand up for the rule of law when the federal government takes steps that are illegal, unconstitutional, and antithetical to our fundamental values as Americans.

We are the first line of defense against President Trump and his radical agenda — and he has been keeping us busy. From beating back the first — and second — Muslim Ban, to continuing to protect our immigrant and transgender students, I’m proud of the work we’ve already done — and we’re just getting started.

November / December 2016

  • As incidents targeting minorities and immigrants increased around the country, I issued an urgent bulletin to local law enforcement officials with my guidance on identifying and prosecuting hate crimes and warned immigrants against scams.
  • In order to make it harder to create the unconstitutional Muslim registry called for by then President-Elect Trump, I successfully urged President Obama to dismantle NSEERS, a controversial Bush-era registry.
  • I led a broad coalition of states and cities in calling on President-Elect Trump to continue the federal government’s defense of the Clean Power Plan — our country’s historic effort to put limits on the carbon pollution that causes climate change from its largest source: fossil-fueled power plants.

January 2017

  • On the eve of President Trump’s inauguration, I introduced the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act — legislation that would protect and enhance New Yorkers’ access to the cost-free contraception currently provided under the Affordable Care Act, even as Republicans try (and fail) to repeal it.
  • I published legal guidance for New York’s sanctuary cities, providing a roadmap for local governments and law enforcement agencies to protect immigrant families and resist the draconian immigration proposals of the Trump administration. These guidelines have since been adopted by communities across the state, from Albany to New Paltz, and used as a model nationwide.
  • I filed suit against President Trump’s first Muslim Ban, and led 17 Attorneys General in condemning President Trump’s unconstitutional, un-American and unlawful Executive Order. Soon after, judges across the country struck down the ban.
  • I joined my fellow state Attorneys General in filing a motion to protect the independence of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as the Trump administration and Congressional leaders seek to undermine it.
  • I stood against the nominations of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, whose records and past statements remain antithetical to the core missions of their agencies.

February 2017

  • Following high-profile Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids, I issued an urgent fraud alert warning immigrant communities that criminals have been posing as ICE agents and demanding money in order to avoid deportation.
  • I joined New York State Education Commissioner in sending guidance to all New York school districts, making clear that current federal and state law ensures the rights of immigrant children to attend public schools without fear of reprisal.
  • And when the Trump administration moved to rescind anti-discrimination protections for gender and non-conforming students, I joined Commissioner Elia again to make clear that New York schools are obligated under state law to protect transgender students from discrimination and harassment.
  • With my fellow state Attorneys General, I sent a letter to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos highlighting how for-profit schools have harmed student borrowers, and warning that rolling back protections would signal “open season” on students for some of the worst actors in the business.

March 2017

  • I led a coalition of 19 Attorneys General in filing an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court, in support of a transgender student who is suing the Gloucester County School Board for discrimination.
  • President Trump issued his second try at a travel ban, and I joined the lawsuit against it in federal court, along with Washington State’s Attorney General and our fellow AGs. This Muslim Ban by another name was once again blocked by the courts.
  • As the Trump administration moved to roll back vehicle emissions standards that limit the pollution our cars pump into the atmosphere, I led a coalition of states in opposition.

April 2017

  • I sued the Trump administration for violating federal law by delaying vital pollution-cutting, cost-saving energy efficiency standards. These standards would save consumers nearly $24 billion and eliminate millions of tons of the greenhouse gases causing climate change.
  • As anti-choice Republicans in Congress and across the country introduced legislation attacking women’s fundamental reproductive rights, I led a coalition of 16 Attorneys General in opposing an Ohio state law that would defund Planned Parenthood and other health providers that perform or promote abortions.
  • I urged the Department of Labor to resist President Trump’s efforts to kill the Fiduciary Rule, an investor protection that would require financial advisors to disclose conflicts of interest and act in their clients’ best interest, rather than their own.

I’m proud of our record. When President Trump has failed to enforce our laws, we’ve stepped up to fill in the gap. When he’s taken steps to hurt New Yorkers, I’ve fought back. And where Washington has failed to lead on the issues that matter, I’ve made clear that New York will provide a roadmap for the rest of the country.

I’ll keep fighting for you.