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Former Scottsville Vet Adoptions to pay $28K to Lollypop Farm

September 6, 2016

As published on 13 WHAM on August 31, 2016.

Scottsville Veterinary Adoptions has been ordered to pay Lollypop Farm more than $28,000, according to the New York Attorney General.

This comes after an order issued by Monroe County Supreme Court Wednesday. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says the former Scottsville Veterinary Adoptions must give all of its assets to Lollypop Farm.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, the adoption center sold sick pets to consumers that died shortly after purchase.

Many times, sick pets were not diagnosed as sick and not quarantined. As a result, the adoption center sold sick pets that were supposedly examined and cleared by the veterinary hospital.

As a not-for-profit corporation, Scottsville Veterinary Adoptions was not required to comply with animal care standards required for pet stores and commercial breeders under Agriculture and Markets Law.

Because of this, pet adopters could not take legal action under the so-called “Pet Lemon Law.”

The adoption was located in the same facility as Scottsville Veterinary Hospital, owned by the founder and president of the adoption center.

In May, AG Schneiderman ordered that Scottsville Vet Adoptions be dissolved. After a financial review, the former pet adoption center agreed to give up the assets bought with donations it received as a non-profit.

Based on the court order filed today, Scottsville Veterinary Adoptions will pay the Rochester Humane Society $28,366.

“Businesses that hide behind a non-profit status to evade the consumer protections of the Pet Lemon Law take advantage of unsuspecting consumers who are looking to rescue a pet in need of a home,” Attorney General Schneiderman said Wednesday in a statement. “Through our Animal Protection Initiative, my office will continue fighting to protect all New Yorkers – humans and animals alike – from unscrupulous businesses that exploit them for profit.”