Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General

I can’t do it alone

January 12, 2017

Friend –

When Donald Trump takes office one week from today, state and local elected officials will be our first line of defense.

Republicans have been building power at the state level for years, and using it to gerrymander legislative districts and suppress Democratic votes. It’s time for us to fight back by investing in Democratic campaigns state-by-state and using every office we hold to stop Trump from trampling on the rights of all Americans.

As Attorney General, I’m committed to doing everything in my power to fight for our shared values and to protect our nation’s most vulnerable residents, including immigrants and racial and religious minorities.

But I can’t do it alone. We have an important New York state fundraising deadline, and I need your support if we’re going to hit our goals. That’s why I have to ask:

Please make a contribution to my re-election campaign ahead of tonight’s critical fundraising deadline as a way of saying you are committed to standing up to Trump at every level of government.

Thank you for helping me fight for New York families.

All my best,

Eric Schneiderman