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Six Synergy Fitness Clubs in NYC, Nassau County fined $60G for scamming consumers

August 10, 2016

As published in the NY Daily News on August 8, 2016.

Six Synergy Fitness Clubs in the city and Nassau County will pay $60,000 in fines for wrongly billing consumers and not honoring cancellation requests, state officials announced Monday.

In a settlement with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, the gyms agreed to pay the fine and also provide restitution to customers who were charged for gym services after they cancelled their memberships.

The company also agreed to change its policies to honor members’ cancellation requests, stop its “harassing” debt collection efforts, and better investigate consumer complaints, officials said.

“Consumers join health clubs to get fit, not to spend energy avoiding improper fees or dealing with harassing collection calls concerning lawfully cancelled contracts,” Schneiderman said.

Schneiderman’s office reported receiving more than 100 complaints about the gym, including instances where consumers were charged fees that were not included in their membership agreements, billed after cancelling their memberships or harassed by debt collection agents for memberships that been cancelled for years.

The six gyms are owned by different corporate entities but share common principals and management teams, Schneiderman’s office said.

“We won’t tolerate companies that employ opaque and illegal practices to line their pockets at the expense of New Yorkers,” Schneiderman’s office said.

A lawyer for the gym did not immediately respond to a request for comment.