Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General


Tough Fights Logo5 As the highest ranking law enforcement officer for the State, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has taken on the tough fights to protect New Yorkers—because he believes there must be one set of rules for everyone, no matter how rich or powerful.

Hear New Yorkers speak about how Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is fighting for equal justice for all.

When Avi and Julie Israel lost their son Michael after he struggled with an addition to prescription drugs, they knew they couldn’t stay silent. Working with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, they’re making sure no other family has to go through what they did.

Victoria Anne Baughman has lived in the same Bronx apartment for more than 10 years, and for all that time, her building’s management company refused to make basic repairs. But when AG Eric Schneiderman got involved, everything changed.


When Schenectady Police Sgt. Tom Kelly was shot in the line of duty, a bulletproof vest saved his life. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s inVEST program uses funds he recovered from drug traffickers to pay for bulletproof vests for local police departments.


When Florine Harwell struggled to pay her heating bills, she worried that her grandson’s health would suffer. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Green and Healthy Homes Initiative is helping hundreds of New York families like hers to stay warm this winter.


When her son died after a battle with prescription drugs, Teri Kroll never imagined there could be something to save someone from a heroin overdose. But Eric Schneiderman made it possible for all police officers in New York State to be armed with NARCAN, a life-saving antidote.


Cuando los trabajadores de lavado de coches se convirtieron en víctimas de robo de salarios, el Fiscal General del Estado de Nueva York Eric Schneiderman tomó medidas.
When car wash workers became the victims of wage theft, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman took action.


For more than a decade a 27-acre plot of land, formerly a shopping center known as Central Park Plaza, sat vacant on Buffalo’s East Side. And year after year, the owner refused to maintain or sell the property. But when Eric got involved, everything changed.


Catherine Lederer-Plaskett has spent her life advocating for women’s reproductive rights in New York State. She knows that New Yorkers can trust Eric Schneiderman’s unwavering commitment to protecting those rights.


When I-Asia White first bought her home, she never thought that she’d be facing foreclosure. But when medical bills piled up after her daughter was injured in an accident, she found herself in danger of losing her house. Thankfully, Eric Schneiderman’s HOPP program was able to help.


In 2012, Annie Boken’s sister, Megan, was killed during a smartphone robbery. Now Eric Schneiderman’s Secure Our Smartphones initiative is driving down smartphone thefts to prevent future tragedies.


Teri Kroll lost her son, Timothy, to an overdose after a long battle with prescription drugs. Now she’s working with Eric Schneiderman to fight “doctor-shopping” and help protect other New Yorkers from the dangers of addiction.


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